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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On Top of the World (Well at least the East)

It has been a while but now that everyone is on the bandwagon, who needs to blog about the Bruins?

But here goes with some randomeness anyway.

I like the new black 3rd sweater except for the reebok-ness of it. I don't like the sculpted look. Hockey must be played in sweaters, even if they are not the old woolies. These things are like muscleshirts, not sweaters. The blackness is cool, but with black pants and socks it is a bit much. Why not add a bat-cowl and cape? I do like the fact that there is no bottom stripe on the shirt - because that only accentuates the "I've didn't tuck in my shirt" look of the reboks. Ick.

It was hilarious how worked up the hab-goblins got over Lucic. I am the farthest one from the ice level, to say the least. But to me it seemed like Georges did his job as he sees it. He is not a cheapshot goon, he is an enforcer, and he would not take a cheapie at Lucic and he would not take an instigator. But to my eyes he went about it wrong. If he had slammed Kessel twice Lucic would have fought George without hesitation, regardless of what Julien or anyone else had said to him. I am not even saying cheapshot, just a good cleanout. The only way it would not have happened would be Chara getting there first. Tactical error by the scabs, and good for them.

How bout that Tim Thomas. Leading the league and all. Are there still people who don't think he can hold down an NHL job?

The maturing of Phil Kessel is a marvel to behold. Maybe Joe Thornton could have used Caude Julien as a coach early in his career. Or maybe it is just something in Phil's makeup that makes him actually respond to challenges.

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