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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finally, the Bruins are Back!

The Bruins first pre-season game is in the books, and to me there is only one thing that matters: That smile on Bergy's face.

The fact that it was a win against the habs is icing on the cake. A pre-season win (or loss) is fundamentally meaningless, but it is never meaningless when a player like Patrice Bergeron can come back from a career threatening injury to play like his old self.

Of course it is nice when the habs get their heads handed to them (almost literally in the case of Steve Begin on the wrong end of Shawn Thornton's fists). It was also good to see Manny Fernandez play again, and for Kevin Regan to get some time in net.

Another guy who had a standout night was Vladimir Sobotka. He had two goals and was "flying all over the ice" according to Fluto's blog.

Nice to see that Phil Kessel is playing well and was not about to let one of the Kostityn sisters (Andrea) get away with a cheap shot on Sturm. Bergeron looked good centering Sturm and Kessel. That is some serious speed at wing, and if Bergeron is truly back, this could be one of the best second lines in the league.

I am not so sure about Savard-Lucic-Ryder. I think the world of Milan Lucic, but I wonder if he is the right player at this time to be a first line winger with Savard. But at least he is getting the chance to succeed, and we can all hope.

And if not Milan, then who? Axelsson? No. PJ is my favorite Bruin but not on the first line, because that doesn't get it done on the scoreboard. Schaeffer? Good possession player on the boards but not really able to pass effectively from there. Sobotka? I don't think he is a first line guy at this point. Steph Yelle? Again, not first line.

Fluto's latest blog says that Tukka Rask gets the start tonight, with Regan as backup. Tim Thomas is not dressing again, but that just seems designed to let the other guys show their stuff, not any worries about TT.

The worrisome part is that Zdeno Chara did not play last night and is not suiting up for tonight's game vs the Fishcakes.

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