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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goaltending shuffle? Not again!

So I just watched the Bruins lose 4-3 to the Capitals. Both teams were resting their star players for the most part. Tim Thomas let in 4 goals, and did not look particularly sharp. However, compared to several Bruins defensemen, he looked like a HHOF player. Alberts had a rough night, and Lashoff, Hunwick, and Wideman were not that much better. Nokie and Sobotka played well, and Blake Wheeler had a nice goal.

But my worry is that Fernandez sat out the previous game with Detroit because of a swollen thumb. It is like somebody has a Manny voodoo doll. The guy is getting dinged up all the time. So Tukka Rask played and beat Detroit 2-1. But if Timmy isn't sharp and Manny is on the treatment table all the time, that will hurt the Bruins start. Worse, if they have to call up Tukka and risk his development so that Thomas does not die from exhaustion, that is double bad. This team really needs Fernandez to be available and play well, or they could be in for a rough season. Or they need to find another Alex Auld and send Manny to the minors or farther.

I would love for Manny to be the #1 goalie he was expected to be, but you have to admit that so far Boston has little to show for that trade except for a salary cap sinkhole.

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