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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Game on!

This is it - the start of the regular season, and does it get any better?
I am jazzed to see the Bruins play tonight, and waiting until 10pm will be torture.
I am cruising the net at lunch to find out who is starting and what the lineup looks like, and who is on the Avs, and all that.
I was sad to see Sobotka sent back to Providence, but I was heartened that he scored in the AHL opener against the Lowell Devils, so he is rising to the challenge and I am sure he will be back in Boston soon.
I was also disappointed to see Peter Schaeffer essentially released, because I was hoping the guy would step up early the way he did at the end of the season. But apparently not enough to keep him around, unless the demotion was a motivation ploy. But he should not need that kind of prodding, so my guess is that the staff just did not see the fire needed to take the next step (like toward the net!).
I am bound to have more to say later, so I will stop now and resume after work.

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